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The Top 5 User Role Plugins For WordPress in 2023

Creating secure user roles and permissions in WordPress is an important part of keeping your website secure. Finding the right plugin to help with this can be difficult, so we’ve rounded up our top 5 user role plugins for 2021 to make it easier.

Members – User Role Editor.

Members is a powerful user role editor for WordPress, providing an easy and quick way to manage user roles. With support for custom taxonomies, this plugin is perfect for websites with categories and tags. It also includes support for unlimited users and roles, as well as a variety of other features such as email notifications, automatic sending of invoices, and transaction reports.

Capability Manager Enhanced.

Capability Manager Enhanced is a powerful and flexible user role plugin for WordPress. It offers users more control over their own access privileges by allowing them to set specific permissions for individual posts, pages and custom post types. This plugin also makes it easy to manage roles across multiple sites, as well as adjust rights based on user roles, capabilities and restrictions.

Advanced Access Manager.

Advanced Access Manager (AAM) is a powerful user role and access control plugin for WordPress. It allows you to define, manage and customize user roles and capabilities with extensive options to create as many user profiles as you need. Additionally, AAM also makes managing user permissions across multiple sites easy and painless. With its robust features, this plugin provides the ultimate solution for complex WordPress-based websites.

User Role Editor Pro.

User Role Editor Pro is an enhanced version of the popular User Role Editor plugin for WordPress. This professional tool gives you more options for managing user access and roles, such as applying multiple roles at once, creating custom roles, granting special users extra privileges, mass-editing capabilities and more. With its advanced user management system, User Role Editor Pro offers a complete solution for setting up fine-grained control over access to your WordPress site.

User Roles and Caps.

User Roles and Caps helps you easily create, assign, or manage user roles and capabilities. With this plugin, you can control access to specific posts, pages, media files and even Admin menus based on a user’s assigned role. It also comes with detailed documentation and step-by-step instructions that make the setup process simple even for those who are new to creating user roles in WordPress.


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